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Next meeting :
April 26, 2017 at Le Château Frontenac, Québec City (Canada)

The TIP was established in 2016 through discussions with the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister and the governments of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, leading corporations and ecosystem builders. It is a platform composed of leaders from corporations; universities and research labs; government policy-makers and ecosystem builders; and investors. Collaboration between these four stakeholder groups is essential to the creation of ecosystems that foster innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the adoption of productivity-enhancing technologies, and support the creation of new sectors of economic growth and employment. The TIP is composed of the TIP Leadership Roundtable and the TIP Ecosystem Building Forum.

Next meeting :
April 26, 2017 at Le Château Frontenac, Québec City (Canada)

The FIRCAP was established in 2015 through discussions with leading pension funds, including OP Trust (Canada), RailPen Investment Management (UK), TIAA (USA), New York City Employment Retirement System (USA) and OMERS (Canada). FIRCAP helps pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and family offices to evolve and innovate their private market investment programs through collaboration with like-minded peers. The focus is on investment strategies that rely on implementation through external partners (e.g. managers, peers, platforms) that can provide new models and are open to different types of relationship with investors.

Next meeting :
April 27, 2017 at Le Château Frontenac, Québec City (Canada)

The QCC was established in 2003 to gather senior members of the international private markets community in an intimate setting to build relationships of trust; to build the Canadian private markets ecosystem ; and to identify and discuss dislocations and inefficiencies that could be addressed through existing or new QCC Forums. Participants in the TIP and FIRCAP Forums are joined by invited members of the broader private markets community for private meetings, facilitated panel discussions and distinguished key-note speakers on strategic issues that impact private markets.

Next meetings :
June 2017, Québec City (Canada)
September 2017, Dublin (Ireland)

The IIR was established in 2011 through discussions with international pension and sovereign funds who wanted to learn from, and invest with, peers collaboration on private market investing. Today, the IIR is an international community of senior investment executives from over 40 pension funds, sovereign funds and endowments who are among the largest, most active and direct investors in private markets. The IIR is governed by a Board of sixteen members, including a representative of each of its fifteen Founding and Strategic member organizations who collectively manage over $3 trillion of assets. Discussions hosted by the IIR have led to the creation of several vehicles for peer co-investment.