Founded in 2003, the Quebec City Conference (QCC) is a private, invitation-only, not-for-profit annual meeting whose mission is support private market investment activities producing societal benefit, in a format intended for high-level exchange and reflection.

Guests are leading members of the international private market investment ecosystem: pension plans, endowments, family offices, venture capital and private equity firms, industry experts and leading academics. Except for QCC’s private sponsors, service providers are not invited.

The last edition of the Quebec City Conference was attended by 450 participants from 30 countries. Speakers included Stephen Schwarzman, Co-founder and CEO of Blackstone; Michael Spence, the 2001 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences; VC and private equity pioneer Alan Patricof; Henry Kravis, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR); David M. Rubenstein, Co-founder of The Carlyle Group; Glenn Hutchins, Co-founder of Silver Lake; James Coulter, Co-founder of TPG Capital, Charles R. (Chip) Kaye, Co-President, Warburg Pincus; William Draper III of Draper Richards; Josh Lerner, Professor at Harvard Business School; and former Prime Ministers of Canada Brian Mulroney and Jean Chrétien.

In addition to the main conference described above, the Quebec City Conference also comprises special by-invitation-only forums, which are held the day before the official opening of the Conference.

QCC is a not-for profit corporation supported by the Governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, and by private sponsors, including Business Development Bank of Canada, Investissement Québec and National Bank.

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Participants to the forums (TIP and FIRCAP) are joined by leading members of the private market investment community on a by-invitation basis for a networking day: family investment offices, international venture capital and private equity firms and leading industry experts and academics, in a format intended for high-level exchange and reflection.

Private meetings among participants are facilitated while distinguished keynote guests are be invited to address the group on major topics relating to private market investment.

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The FIRCAP is an independent, not-for profit and invitation-only platform designed to address the needs of institutional investors who, because of constraints of scale or governance, do not have significant in-house investment capabilities but are interested to learn from their more advanced peers on how they may develop internal capabilities and how they can collaborate with them to take better advantage of their characteristics of long-term investors, notably through “peer for peer” co-investment platforms suiting their strategies and constraints.

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TIP is the successor to the Public Policy Forum on Venture Capital and Innovation (“PPF”) that was created in 2007.

It is an independent, not-for-profit and by-invitation only platform for leading stakeholders of innovation ecosystems (companies impacted by tech innovation, universities, investors, governments and industry experts) that was created by the Quebec City Conference to address the main challenges facing Canada's tech innovation ecosystem through direct, focused and continued discussions among national leaders of this ecosystem, both from the public and private side, around a nationwide ecosystem/cluster strategy.

A first step toward this objective was to invite Canadian leaders in the broad tech innovation ecosystem, including particularly from leading corporations impacting tech innovation in Canada, to discuss an action plan to streamline the collaboration and decision making between governments and global domestic and foreign companies so that they may work together more efficiently on major tech innovation initiatives in essential sectors of the Canadian economy.

A description of the TIP and the need for a nationwide cluster strategy is included in the Deloitte white paper "Future of Canada - A blueprint for Growth" (July 2016) pp. 8-11.

Working principles of the TIP are the following:

  • Adopt an ecosystemic approach to foster collaboration among leading stakeholders
  • Link with the broader context of tech disruption and productivity and innovation gaps
  • Focus on leaders who are ready to be agent of changes
  • Build on the experience and vision of Canadian best regional ecosystems
  • Benchmark internationally
  • Go beyond the sharing of best practices to build communities of interest that will work on tangible outcomes beyond the TIP meeting itself.
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Institutional Investors Roundtable (IIR)

The IIR is an international, independent and investor-led platform to enable senior investment executives of Institutional Investors to have high-level, direct and confidential discussions with their peers to explore ways of improving collaboration by:

  • Identifying potential partners and fostering relationships of trust, which are essential for long-term cooperation;
  • Sharing experiences and insights in order to help implement, improve and innovate in-house private market investment strategies;
  • Considering tangible and innovative ways to co-invest in specific assets;
  • Developing collaborative investment platforms to identify, diligence, underwrite and syndicate future investment opportunities; and
  • Interacting more efficiently with governments wishing to attract long-term and sustainable investments in their national economies.

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